A celebration of NATURE 

Beloved Sanctuary

Honoring the soul of the land, we are building with the land. From the plants to the nature spirits that inhabit it, the land teaches and guides us. Abiding by the sacred trust as a pact with the earth itself, we consider the land as sentient—ALIVE and ensouled. Accordingly, all of Beloved’s policies are made in collaboration with the land as a partner, not property.
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
Albert Einstein

A re-enchantment with nature 

A celebration of the land 

BELOVED is more than a venue, it is an invitation to go within. The purpose of the land is the reenchantment of the world through the return of the balance of the sacred feminine or the BELOVED. The feminine principle represents not only women but the earth as Mother Nature. In recognizing and honoring the animated or ensouled nature of our nature and Mother Nature, we rebuild the sacred trust that will restore balance to the masculine and feminine in our time. 


“... and in her starry shade 

Of dim and solitary loveliness, 

I learn’d the language of another world.”

Lord Byron

A liberation of the soul

We are walking it out

We are awakening to an expansive sense of being, connected energy. When we do so in an embodied way, we paradoxically become more divinely ourselves. We ignite our passion. We wake up to our courage, to our authenticity and power. 

The experience of BELOVED is created to support relationship with self through embodiment of our Divinity. To be passionately authentic and alive. To awaken to the beautiful gift you have to offer the world you.

It is in being transparent that we let a wisdom and an intelligence greater than ourselves communicate in us and through us. We start with the heart. A new paradigm: FEEL. THINK. ACT. We live in Divine alignment, in the now, transforming our lives and our world. 
The experience of BELOVED is personal, and alchemical. Your energy is the catalyst. We all have our own journey but trust that we walk the same path. There will be no attempt to define or defend experiences. It is a personal story. 

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Georgia O'Keefe

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” 

The role of the arts and imagination 

Art liberates our soul

We honor the arts, broadly defined. Creativity and imagination are at the heart of BELOVED. Whether it is music, sculpture, dance, painting, gardening or sound bathing, we belive that the arts are critical to our humanity. 
Art accesses the Power of Soul. We are all artists. Art is a Reflection of your Individual Purpose. Art communicates the soul’s calling or vocation. All art is a self-portrait. Art is unique to each individual. You can be an artist in your garden.

Joy is the signature of the soul and the release of the soul’s creative power. It is the expression of our divine individuality.​ It is the deep ecstacy we feel when we are aligned with our purpose. 

Art is an alchemical transformation. Art liberates our soul and the soul of the world or anima mundi. Alchemy as an ancient practice of transformation. We are transforming ourselves. Creating and imagining a new/old way of being.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
Albert Einstein

BELOVED - How did it manifest

A path to freedom

At the core of BELOVED are three individuals united in love for each other and a deep belief in the Divine. We were called to create BELOVED. It has manifest gracefully, thy will be done. 

We have a passionate belief in the power of human imagination and creativity. We care less about what we appear to be, our human trappings, and more about our ability to be real and transparent. That is all we ask. 

Come as you are.


ART came to Tom out of the blue in 2009. It came as a message. It had an urgency, to not be complacent. The art was conveyed in feelings, words and images. There was an accompanying vision of transcendence. He began to paint. A fluid abstract impressionistic style, embracing the energy.  


The message that Tom received is that humanity will align with the connected energy of LOVE, our true divine nature. Women as receptive will receive the message of the universe. Their influence, LOVE, will transform our communities, nations and world. Men as expressive will create a transcended world.

An awakening 

ART as communion with ENERGY


Lay with me, deep the air she stirs my soul.Only the touch so pure as the fluid breath weaves through me. As she opens my eyes to all inward, outward I see. Everything feels the energy of the universe and my senses are open, I breath her within me.


The caresses of being. I feel her wholly on my skin, running through me she touches all the places at once. I am at peace and floating in the cool of a water that runs deep to my soul. She connects me to everything. With radiance I see.


The fire of creation I twist every part of me into her. I know life inside of her and the universe rains its light over me, heaven pulls me within everything and I am alive with creation. I fly immensely between everything and into it all at once, my eyes cloud as my body aches with ecstasy.


Rest and in her I feel the whole as she reaches up to me. All is quiet and the life she speaks into me is anew, for within her I find everything and into me I am her. The flow is all around me, within me into every part of me. For the universe around me is everything within her and she is of me.

How does art commune with us? An artist in our gallery painted colorful abstracts. Out of the blue she painted a series that she referred to as "the golden eggs". They were disturbing self-portraits. The artist with her head cut open. The artist with a nest on her head with three eggs, two golden. The artist with angel wings, her head and breast wrapped in gauze, a golden egg in each hand. The artist with her breast exposed and an outstretched arm holding a golden egg, titled "What will I do now?" 

ART as a portal to the Divine

Art and our reality 

Two years after she painted the Golden Egg series she was diagnosed with cancer, two nonoperable brain tumors and breast cancer. With her art she was able to tap into a deeper knowing. She knew long before her diagnosis. Art allows us to tap into the unseen and SEE. 

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” 

Pablo Picasso 

Heather is passionate about active imagination and our power to create our lives 

An illuminated manuscript - to see 

Art as a creative unfolding of spirit in matter:

Heather is a life-long visionary artist who explores the world, both seen and unseen, through images that awaken in her imagination. Travelling a path of inner spiritual development, she has studied comparative religion and the use of ritual or sacred art to understand its archetypal roots. It is her hope that mapping the overlapping points of power and truth in human experience will lead to a rediscovery of past wisdom traditions known through time as the golden thread running through the Way. It is the study of these universal constants as nexus of collective human and planetary development that lead to her current doctoral dissertation in archetypal psychology, in which she is creating art to commune and communicate with her soul. Whether outwardly or inwardly directed, Heather believes in art as a creative unfolding of spirit in matter and a playful yet disciplined service to ever greater alchemical Great Work of Art that joins heaven and earth.

Illuminated Manuscript:

In this spirit, I have undertaken the creation of an illuminated manuscript as a way to remember the ancient arts-based teachings of the soul that evolved from the pictorial art and early symbolic writing of Africa and Egypt through Israel and eventually into Western mysticism. By creating a Bible or illuminated manuscript that honors and heals the sacred feminine and masculine, I am trying to remember how to communicate with the soul through art. Modelled after the archetypal lovers, I am interweaving the symbolism of silver as feminine and gold as masculine as well as the right and left hemispheres of the brain to bring balance or a coniunctio of spirit and matter. I am painting and dialoging with my paintings as a way to see and see through the soul and the transcendent wisdom that she represents.

label examples12.jpg

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself. Everything that you want you already are."


Botanicals for embodiment 

I honor you

Anna has a deep belief that we are powerful and whole. The mists are a divine collaboration.  Honor your journey of embodiment and celebrate the divine you. As you quiet your mind, you find your truth. A pure state of being, feeling. Let your heart be your guide. As you feel, think and act you transform your life and your world.


The subtle energy bodies, or aura, surrounds the physical body and connects to the meridian pathways and the chakra system. The aura holds the blue print for the physical body. By bringing balance and health to the subtle energies, the physical body moves into alignment. 

*eternal gratitude to the Divine

BELOVED is many things, but in it is a deep belief in magic and mystery accessed by our imagination 

We are all artists, creating our lives

We have a deep appreciation for the creative force; the energy and vibration of life captured in our imagination. We have experienced art and energy on a perosnal level. We are compelled to create. Our creativity and connection to an energy far beyond our individual abilities has allowed a personal freedom. A soul's liberation, a deep peace and joy in being part of something expansive and mysterious.


We believe in the power of art and energy. That rhythmic pulse is visible in Van Gogh's life. That energy drove Van Gogh to paint dense visible brushstrokes, offering direct access to how he viewed his life. His turbulence producing a mathematical genius that exceeded the human potential. He was not appreciated in his time but he tapped into a passion that exceeded that. We believe that art communes with us. It is an ancient alchemical process. Energy enters the artist and is conveyed in their art. The art displayed effects the audience. We believe we are all artists, creating our lives. 

“The alchemical operations were real, only this reality was not physical but psychological. Alchemy represents the projection of a drama both cosmic and spiritual. The opus magnum [“great work”] had two aims: the rescue of the human soul, and the salvation of the cosmos.”

Carl Jung

As Above, So Below®. A hybrid board game  
+rp archetypcal fantasy game.

Fantasy Realms

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”

Hermes Trismegistus

Youth vision quests offer modern ethics; a PATH of honor. As an Initiate, you have accepted the vow of the Guardians. You enter the first initiation – Will. Your third eye is opening as Earth is flooded with a 7D Ray. You’re about to discover the invisible realms. Anna's love of fantasy and belief in the archetypal initiations is manifest in 7. 

“Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness.” 

Hermes Trismegistus