Welcome to the world of 7: As Above, So Below 

You are an Initiate

Magic, mystery and active imagination. 7 is an archetypal application for modern ethics in a fantasy platform. The Fifth Kingdom is the youth version of 7: As Above, So Below. It plays with the 7MA and explores the archetypes through ancient tools. It is a journey within and without.


The archetypes are embedded in the human psyche. The traits of the archetype represent fundamental human nature and our evolution to consciousness. In the Fifth Kingdom free will allows players (Initiates) to claim their fate with elements of destiny, luck, environment, charity, consciousness, chaos and will.


What originated as a curriculum study has evolved into a board game - hybrid framing story. Captivating in both the narrative and the design, the game has garnished broad endorsement in the beta phase. It has two expansions and two variations in the design structure which allow the game to vary in duration and intensity. It is immersive.

“An Initiate is one who seeks to enter a new field of experience, and to follow the steps of that advanced humanity who have trodden ahead of him the path, leading from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real.”

Alice A. Bailey 

Game mechanics and takeaways:

Collaborative Group Dynamics - Journey without

Discernment - Applied Ethics

Deductive & Inductive Reasoning

Modern Vision Quest - Journey within

Active Imagination & Visionary Methodology

Empowerment of Marginalized - Archetypal Study 

The PATH is the way through the MATRIX...

but it is more than a game. It is our evolution to consciousness.


“The Path that leadeth on is lighted by one fire - the light of daring burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more he shall obtain. The more he fears, the more that light shall pale.”

HP Blavatsky



Rudolf Steiner

​The Veil which, in ordinary course of life, clouds the spiritual eyes, is to be uplifted and the initiate will see their role in the universe and claim their destiny." 

Modern ethics; honor for a new age

Fantasy Realms

The Matrix is a simulation of free will. The initiations are physical and mental. The Dark Legion preys on your psyche. You travel to ancient civilizations but your mind is the real battlefield. There are teams of beings, light and dark, that you work with and against as you travel.


You are magnetic and powerful. Be wary but don’t be afraid. What you hold in your mind you attract. Illumination is your greatest protection. The 7 Forbidden Magical Arts illuminate the path. There are fates worse than death. Your soul is what they seek to claim.

“The first idea the child must acquire is that of the difference between good and evil.”

Maria Montessori

The Veil and The Reckoniing offer the dark, real World of 7. It can

provoke fear and the content is not

for children. It is the Divine balance. 

The Fifth Kingdom is the youth version. It supplies a more age appropriate equivalent of 7 in terms of narrative, characters and game mechanics. The Dark Legion is the Shadow, Initiates are Mages, aliens and elementals are more benign.

There are expansion decks that play off the original game board for both versions.

“Faithless is he that

says farewell when

the road darkens.”

JRR Tolkein