“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” 


An immersion into the BeLoved

Be Loved Teachings

In service to BELOVED, we are offering the BeLoved Teachings. We invite you to a new/old way of being, an immersion into the Beloved. We enter the Fallow Period, a deep immersive offering as we come full circle. 

The Fallow Period will be a collaboration of Kim Lincoln and Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, offering the emergent teaching of the Beloved. Touch in with the intuitive energy and senses to gather in and hold the seeds of wisdom to facilitate deep rest and integration.


Leaps of growth arise when we are able to meet and be present with what appears to be nothing. This is the magic that the deep still darkness brings. Come explore the hidden realm. Discover the beauty that lays hidden.  

Join us in a life altering course, with you as the altar as we bridge the seen and unseen, finite and infinite, conscious and unconscious. Together we will grow perceptual and navigational skills further deepening trust in Self and life. 


Participants will be actively engaged in depth work through guided practice in harmony with the Beloved within and without. Course content is inspired in collaboration with the animated presence of the land. 


This is a transformational course for those drawn to deepen sacred practice and relationship with Self, life, community and beyond. As we begin to embody frequencies of the BELOVED, we become a living transmission inviting us into the heart of the One.  


To receive the fullest experience available to you, commitment to this course requires courage, active presence, surrender to the mystery, embracing your vulnerability, going beyond what has been known and an engaged readiness to transform outdated structures, identities and patterns. 


Maya Angelou

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

Kim Lincoln

Kim is founder of the Terrain of Essence Teachings, a path of Self-realization and somatic integration. Her work freely weaves energetic science and ancient mysticism into a simple, direct way to access your intrinsic being, synthesizing principles of trauma resolution, quantum mechanics, and the subtle anatomy of the Soul.
For over 40 years, she has refined her skills to bring workshops, online classes, and guest presentations which have helped students to feel safe in their body, free their mind, and know their true nature. Kim’s passion is to facilitate each individual’s awakening so that we, as an interspecies collective, may experience evolutionary change for the benefit of all. For more information about Kim and her offerings, go to: www.kimlincoln.com or www.TerrainOfEssenceTeachings.com

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Heather is an artist and educator who views art as a form of psychological insight and a window to the soul. Through the creative use of the imagination in collaboration with the natural world, she teaches techniques to relate both within and without that restore a sense of wonder and gratitude.


Based on intuitive and imaginal ways of knowing rooted in art and nature, she helps people to go into the depths of their being to achieve a greater sense of transparency and authenticity and renew their passion, purpose, and potential. Her focus is on gnosis or self-teaching through the soul and on service to the soul in the world.


Heather is a doctoral candidate in Archetypal Psychology (the study of universal patterns and symbols) and has studied art as an inward path from different cultural perspectives and traditions. Her emphasis is on returning to an animated or ensouled relationship with ourselves, others, and the natural world. 

Jessica Rose, D.C. 

Jessica is an Advanced Shamanic Shape-shifting Practitioner, a Doctor of Chiropractic, sound healer, sacred musician, practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis, NMT, NET, SRI and many other letters of the alphabet. She describes the integration of these modalities and learnings as a Sacred Embodiment facilitator, and focuses on supporting individuals to experience, embody and love their unique human expressions of Divinity.  

Jessica embodies a true sweetness and full-hearted love that reminds others hearts what they are capable of. She skillfully tracks a group while maintaining focus on an individual.  As a teacher, musician and practitioner, she entrains people to trust the natural rhythms of life and the body, so grace can move. She is passionate about Truth and devoted to the One in All.

Jennifer Dawn 

Jennifer is a passionate teacher, healer, intuitive and spiritual companion.   The many expressions of her heart-centered service in the world continues to grow and expand as she shares herself as a powerful medium, skilled medical intuitive, a dynamic energetic healer, intuitive counselor, inspiring corporate consultant, compelling spiritual life coach, passionate writer and above all, a potent reflection of embodied grace.  For over 15 years, Jennifer has led consciousness-based immersion retreats, workshops, classes, community healing events and entrepreneurial opportunities for emerging healers. In all forms and expressions of her work, Jennifer transmits an attunement that awakens and inspires the light, beauty and potential that lives within us all. 


Jennifer is a glowing, walking embodiment of devotion and grace with the humility and love to open hearts to their fullness and most radiant expression. With a gifted ability to See beyond the material into the energetic worlds, and an uncanny knowing of what is needed to heal, Jennifer's gifts continually inspire awakening  as she reaches in to places that hold limitation, pain or suffering, tendering them back to wholeness.  Her natural radiance as a heart-filled human invites those around her to return home to themselves.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

"Nature! She is the only artist. Arriving, without a trace of effort, at perfection, at the most exact precision, though always veiled…Nature does not suffer her veil to be taken from her, and what she does not choose to reveal to the spirit , though wilt not wrest from her by levers and screws."



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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

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