Essence Arts specializes in creating beautiful, high vibrational corporate and private environments by enhancing spaces with fine art. We work extensively with interior designers and architects. We analyze environments and tap our network of talented professional artists to install harmonious works of art. 


Art balances and compliments the existing design elements. We collaborate with clients on their vision and integrate the appropriate art, producing a cohesive, beautiful space. Whether you have corporate offices, medical facilities or a private residence, we can assist you in achieving perfect representation.

The essence 

What lies beneath


Principal Buyer; Ritz Carlton Chicago


“As a collector I respect the energy of art and the financial investment. I believe that art has to be experienced. We flew to their gallery and

purchased several paintings. They had art displayed ranging from impressionistic to abstract, based on our preliminary conversation." 

We create beautiful, inspired spaces. Whether the scope and scale are expansive or we are procuring a singular piece of art, we have an established, practiced methodology. We define your intention, create the vision and manifest the reality in your environment. We respect your budget and functional requirements in our artistic process. It is a well rehearsed energetic process.


We collaborate in the vision, from the initial design concept and intention to installation. We capture the essence. Whether it is a modern corporate lobby, a natural elemental spa, or a commemorative, we realize that art effects mood and conveys emotion. It is an essential component to our expression. We appreciate the subtleties. That is our passion.

"There is no must in art because art is free." 

Wassily Kandinsky

Energetic Alignment

We work for balance and harmony

We work extensively with interior decorators and architects. We appreciate that the art should align to the design and intention for the space. We serve as a compliment to the major creative forces. 


Allow us to collaborate with you on your vision! We fuse a modern and ancient methodology, incorporating technology and design analysis with a more instinctive energetic balance. 


We are confident that we can incorporate fine art that will provoke the imagination and transform the space. We use our industry background and inspired artists to create high vibrational, beautiful environments. 

Inspired Installations

It is your vision...we adhere to your aesthetic

Human figures have compelled artists for centuries. Art is a means of communicating human experiences. Human bodies have been depicted in various mediums. A sculpture can transform an awkward space to a showpiece - capturing our attention. The art conveys the energy infused in the creation. Artists birth their creations. 

Crystal Lockwood, Figurative Sculptor

I am mainly a figurative sculptor, my inspiration draws from the works of Rodin, Michelangelo,

 Classical Greek Art, Art Nouveau, and the more modern Manuel Neri.  My method is subtractive, I carve away the parts that are not the figure, while saving other rough and raw parts that are essential to seeing the story of the driftwood's journey. There is a lot of letting go in my work. I want the piece to speak it's truth.  

The Human Form

S. Martin; Client
The depth of art


“We created an elemental garden with Essence Arts. We employed them to locate artists to produce diverse art that represented earth, water, fire and air. The art is vibrant and powerful. The art was installed in an indoor and outdoor space. Their use of energetics was critical."

Felt and ALCHEMY
Art as expansive energy

Artistic Intent

Art has a palpable intention. The passion of the artist is instilled in their creation. Their inspiration and intent effects the audience, it permeates the space.


Claude Monet had a fascination with how to visually represent how light broke on objects and how it scatters on water. Monet is famous for launching Impressionism but it was not simply his technique that defined him but his passion to obtain an alternative perspective.


"People discuss my art and pretend to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love."

Claude Monet

B. Whelan; Cirque du Soleil


JA is an artisan that Cirque du Soleil holds in high regard. Her dedication to the project is without reproach and from an artistic perspective she has delivered with passion and professionalism.” 

Since colors absorb or reflect light differently, a slight variation in shade or tone can alter the energy or mood of a space. Fine art is not simply a matter of color, but composition. It can have a profound effect on an environment.


"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."

Georgia O'Keeffe

Essence Arts creates an elemental balance and symmetry in their environments. It is a celebration of the duality and depth of the natural world. Art simultaneously grounds us and elevates us, an elemental harmony.


Color and Mood 

We work for balance and harmony
T. Morgan; Client


Essence Arts is simultaneously expansive and structured. They had an ease and familiarity with the process. They were professional and scripted with a methodology that incorporated elaborate timelines, collateral and technology platforms. Their format allowed us to track artistic progress, modifications and ultimately insured success.”